Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A detour from the kitchen

I realize that the last couple of posts have not had recipes. For this I apologize. BUT since I am Mrs. ShoeFanatic, I need to blog about this.


Me, Sister-in-law, 2 nieces & 1 nephew went shopping on Saturday. It turns out that the Gulfport outlet has a Sperry store. This is good for my feet but bad for my wallet. Behold, my new additions:

Sperry flip flops

Ann Taylor ballet flats

Brown sandals for spring

Mr. ShoeFanatic's Sperry flip flops

Sister-in-law also got Niece #1 a very cute pair of boat shoes but hers had just blue plaid.

Nephew also got some. His are really cute since he's only 2 and they are so little!

Ok, next post I swear will have a recipe in it!

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