Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grilled Corn on the Cob

This recipe is how I know Spring has Sprung! It is one of our favorite side items when we grill and I have Mr. ShoeFanatic to thank for introducing me to it.

4-5 ears of corn

Butter (optional)
Salt & Pepper (optional)

Soak corn (still in husks) in cool water for approximately 30 minutes.

While corn is soaking preheat your grill to medium/high heat.

Put corn on grill when you have reached your desired heat. Grill corn for approximately 20 minutes, rolling every 5-7 minutes.

It's done when the husks are black and the corn feels pressure to the touch. You can serve with butter, salt & pepper to taste but I like it just like it is!

This recipe is a sure thing every time. It's healthy (sans butter), easy and sooo good!

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