Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Monday

Did everyone have a nice weekend?


Mr. ShoeFanatic bought me a Wii for my birthday. And I am in love. I know, it's ridiculous that someone who is 26* should be so excited about a video game but it's just so fun!

But onto more important things. Like what we're having for dinner this week!

Monday--Ground Beef Enchiladas
Wednesday--Stuffed Chicken
Thursday--Mr. ShoeFanatic (probably something with Italian Sausage)
Saturday--Meatball Stew
Sunday--Paninis & Soup

*As much as I love my birthday and had a fantastic weekend, I really, really, really hate that I am officially in my late twenties. I think I might try and make a deal with God regarding my desire to not turn 30.

(Name that popular 90's sitcom.)

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